The Film Lab’s Top 10 Films of the 72 Hour Shootout 2022 Filmmaking Competition at the Asian American International Film Festival

Greggory W. Morris
3 min readAug 23, 2022

[Please note: I normally don’t publish film reviews @ because of the issue of timeliness regarding deadlines and embargo dates but began to reconsider that practice (mostly because of the Coronavirus) regarding some of my most recent reviews & articles, even though some are a little dated, and, or, have moved on to other venues from the film fests where I first screened them.]

The winners of the Film Lab’s 18th annual 72 Hour Shootout filmmaking competition premiered April 7.

The Shootout is a worldwide filmmaking competition celebrating gender and ethnic diversity in film in which filmmaking teams are given this common theme at the start and have 72 hours to write, shoot, edit, and complete short films up to five minutes in length.

The Shootout creates opportunities for underrepresented filmmakers, with a focus on Asian Americans, to demonstrate their talent, gain exposure in the entertainment industry and create positive significant impact on the visibility of underrepresented stories and characters in film and television. More information at and

The premiere at The Asia Society showcased compelling and nuanced stories from underrepresented filmmakers. The premiere screening was followed by a filmmaker panel, moderated by Virginia Myung of CAPA (Coalition of Asian Pacific Americans). The films will be available on VOD for the next week through the festival.

All films were based on the theme “Joyful Resistance,” which, as actor and Film Lab President Jennifer Betit Yen explained, constituted a “way of reconditioning by taking a positive emotion — joy — and attaching it to reactions to terrible things, to injustice.”

“We used this theme to reinvent the negative framework to create control in chaos and to take joy from the ability to stand up and take action, joy from the ability to resist, joy from the opportunity to create justice or help to create justice,” she also said.

Winners of the 2022 72 Hour Shootout: Joyful Resistance



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