Richard Prince Journal-isms Special Guest Just Returned From the Gaza War: He Speaks His Mind

Greggory W. Morris
2 min readNov 18, 2023
Malcolm Nance, appearing on Richard Prince’s Journal-isms Roundtable Sunday, Nov. 19, at 1 p.m. EST. It will be simulcast on Facebook. The page is
Richard Prince, an award-winning, nationally recognized journalist whose “Richard Prince’s Journal-isms” is on of the most informative news platforms in the country.

Prince: “Malcolm has written books about ISIS, Team Trump’s ‘Plot to Betray America’ and related subjects and is profiled by the International Spy Museum: . “

“Last we heard from Malcolm, in April 2022, he was joining the Ukrainian soldiers fighting the Russian invasion.”

“Now he is in New York, making his views known on the Israel-Hamas war.”

On X, formerly Twitter, Malcolm wrote, “READ: HAMAS Needs Children to Die.”

Dead Palestinian children were always a strategic part of HAMAS’s war plans. They factored in massive civilian deaths two years ago when they first planned the 10–7 massacre. “Now HAMAS are reaping the propaganda benefits of easily suckered Western journalists and Peace Activists.”

Malcom says, “I worked the IS-PAL mission on and off starting in 1983–2001. I spent the better part of the first ten years working for US intelligence to find the 100 western hostages taken by Hezbollah & hunting for master terrorist Imad Mughniyeh.”

“I lived in Israel in the mid-1990s. But I first started studying Palestinian terrorist groups when I was 12 after the 1972 Munich massacre and spent the next 40 years analyzing their tactics, techniques and procedures. All of which were incorporated in my book The Terrorist Recognition Handbook now on 3rd edition.”

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