Part 3 of Hunter College Acting Provost Rebukes Department of Film & Media Studies for Its Negative Campus Reputation & Image of Hostility to Black Instructors and Staff

That’s me talking about being bullied and mobbed in and by my department, Film and Media Studies. I wasn’t out front about racism or Teaching While Black at the time because, after consulting with several attorneys, I learned that city, state and federal laws against racial discrimination were incrediblely weak. That I had a better shot at remedies and justice by joining the ranks of grassroot activists fighting for passage of a New York State Healthy Workplace Bill, which at the time of the picture above, seemed like it had weight. I had an active petiton back then when things seemed promising. And worked actively with the New York State Healthy Workplace Advocates … until I got fed up with the internal politics.

I wish Acting Provost Valadia Dent had just straight out assailed the department for its racism and bigotry and smacked it with a barrage of sanctions. As time has passed since the rebuke was announced at a…



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