New York State Healthy Workplace Advocates Lobbing Days in Albany February 6–8, 13–15, 2023

Greggory W. Morris
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There is still hope even though the bill has been languishing.

New York State Healthy Workplace Advocates recently announced Lobbing days in Albany Feb 2023

The New York Heathy Workplace Advocates will be in Albany for six days in February as we work towards a legislative solution to address workplace bullying.

We ask that you come join us for one or more of these days to speak about your experience being a target of someone’s legal harassment that has had adverse effects on your health, well-being, career and family impact. If you cannot join us, we ask for your consideration to send us a one or two page synopsis of your experience that we can educate our state legislators with.

You can remain anonymous if you would like and we will hand deliver your statement to your State Senator and Assemblymember to let them know you reside in their district. For more information on this process, please contact us at

{NY Gov. Kathy Hochul}

Who are the New York Healthy Workplace Advocates? They say they are …

… current and former employees of companies who have experienced workplace bullying and want to do something about it. Since 2006, hundreds of people have come to Albany to speak about their experiences, written personal accounts for legislators to understand the impact and health effects of it and lobbied for the Healthy Workplace Bill. You can become an advocate too! Contact us and volunteer to tell your story, write a personal account and get involved.

How Prevalent is Workplace Bullying? — Edited Excerpt from NYHWA Website.

Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer, Bill O’Reilly have a lot in common? They have been accused of sexual harassment. Harvey Weinstein, of course, has been convicted and and is still facing another trial. Yet, workplace bullying is 4x more prevalent than sexual harassment as well as harassment of a racist, LGBQT, bigoted kind.

According to the Workplace Bullying Institute’s 2017 national survey on workplace bullying, over 60 MILLION employees are affected by workplace bullying each year.

Who wouldn’t support a #KTSOFOWB* Healthy Workplace Law?. (*#KnockTheSmileOffFacesOfWorkplaceBullies)
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