I Support the NYS Healthy Workplace Bill, Wish That Legions of Other Hunterites Were As Truly Committed

Greggory W. Morris
2 min readJun 23
Speaking My Piece

New York State Healthy Workplace Bill 2023

Who in this picture is on record opposing workplace bullying and mobbing? Who in this picture isn’t complicity with the bullying and mobbing that occurs? And so on … and so forth.

Articles in the Works …

1) The Hunter Department of Film and Media Studies along with the Hunter administration weaponized Hunter/CUNY policies to engage in vicious ad hominem allegations as well as supported actions steeped in fraud and deceit to punish selected faculty and staff. There is documented corroboration — emails, tape recordings, other forms of records — that colleagues, deans and administrators exploited and manipulated students and student angst to support attack-missions on selected faculty and staff.

2) MEDIA 386, Journalism Ethics Scandal Still Simmering: A phony complaint (orchestrated by colleagues, deans and administrators) filed by students encouraged to engage in prevaricating and unethical behavior by colleagues, chairs and deans. Did the involved colleagues-deans-administrator-reprobates ever imagine that the students and their complicity would be eventually interviewed about the collusion? And be subpoenaed?

Erstwell colleague Bernard Stein taught this course as a journalism class without being attacked, maligned, insulted — and so on, and so forth –avoiding the kind of malicious laser-like focusing on colleagues that happens in this department. Why? The ‘Why?’ is in the works.

A Dean and a former Provost at the time have moved on — or fled — but that doesn’t mean they can’t be held accountable or not subpoenaed. They are definitely being forensically scrutinized.

Bernard Stein in happier times …

Putting Things into Perspective: Former Acting Provost Valeda Dente Said It Best

A succinct paraphrase of what Acting Provost Valade Dente was quoted as saying by Chair Kelly Anderson at a faculty meeting: D:F/M has a tradition, history and reputation for mistreating Black faculty and staff. That opens the door to the question: Is there a Black-Lives-Don’t-Matter-Animus in the Hunter Department of Film and Media Studies?

Stay tuned.

Greggory W. Morris

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