Hunter College Assailed by Doxxing Threat From Trump-ish, Fringed, Right Wing Thug Weirdo

Greggory W. Morris
4 min readNov 18, 2023
Doxxing Weirdo Adam Guillette, president of Accuracy in Media

PSC-CUNY Chapter Chair Jennifer Gaboury’s Hunter L Listserv Message (of a While Back)

Good morning!

It’s been 12 days [November-ish, 2023] since a doxxing truck appeared outside Hunter College labeling more than 20 Hunter College staff and faculty as CUNY’s Leading Antisemites. It then appeared in The Post … AIM (and its Project Veritas alum leader) produced websites with improper use of Hunter and CUNY logos.

{Editor’s Note: Important Suggested Reading}

{Jennifer Gaboury}: This makes those of us named and all of us vulnerable to attack. It is done to make us think twice before we act or speak. It is done to attack the integrity of our institutions, of the value of higher education, our union, academic freedom, and free speech.

Some of those doxxed do not enjoy job protections. We take AIM at their word that they are not done. Will CUNY/Hunter pledge to protect any student, staff, or faculty member who is attacked? {No Public Response This Date, January 4, 2024) From CUNY/Hunter honchos.} Why has there been only silence so far?

Jen Gaboury, Hunter College PSC Chapter Chair

{Editor’s Note: One has to wonder what former Hunter College President Jennifer Raab, a Giuliani mentee who was unceremoniously forced out of Hunter, thinks about the obscene doxxing.}

What follows below via NY Post

‘Doxxing Truck’ creator says he may tail antisemitic students for years.

Smirking Doxxing &^%$! Nut, Adam Guillette

The creator of the so-called “doxxing truck” chasing allegedly antisemitic students from Harvard to Hunter College says his effort will continue indefinitely.

“We don’t think that your antisemitic record should die when you graduate,” said Adam Guillette…



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