Acting Provost Rebukes Hunter Department for Its Reputation of Racial Hostility

Greggory W. Morris
17 min readJul 18, 2022
Dr. Dent in Happier Days

I’ve never heard of a high ranking college administrator outing a department because of its reputation and image of racism and bigotry. I’ve never heard of a high ranking college administrator risking job and career and reputation like that. The allegations, nonetheless, are on the money. Colleagues in the Department of Film and Media Studies engage in the most treacherous race politics on the Hunter campus if not at CUNY.

I wonder if she’s planning to write a memoir, book or negotiating a Netflix special of her experience. [Note: Her bio is at the end of this article.] I don’t want this latest D:F/M episode swept under a rug.

On the money? This assistant professor needs to be always on alert for classroom and office invasions and intrusions by colleagues; student staff and students are encouraged to be complicit in the hostility and harassment. Insults, physical altercations, threats of physical altercations, violence and never-ending ploys, traps and stratagems are literally de rigueur. Careers and reputations of Black faculty and staff have been adversely affected. This has a cascading effect that contaminates every aspect of this department.

Temporarily Postponing Part 4 of the Series

I reacted to Dr. Dent’s comments, as delivered by Department Chair Kelly Anderson at a ZOOM faculty meeting, as if they were a Klieg light exposing a race menace in its institutional and structural forms and other forms as well. An one-on-one discussion in a ZOOM chat with the chair where I refused to be complicit with what looked like another major coverup effort in the works was also telling.

I’m temporarily postponing Part 4 of the series because I need more time tweaking, fine tuning, reviewing. “Rebukes,” for example. I used that word to make clear the essence of the word through a prism based on years of experiences dancing around and dodging landmines, fending off predatory efforts like poaching of my work, parasitic and plagiaristic ripping off of my accomplishments and achievements; fending off colleagues trying to deny me credit and recognition for accomplishments as well as engaging in sabotage.

Greggory W. Morris

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