Exhilarating Breaking News: Film Lab Presents Returns for a 16th Season

Greggory W. Morris
3 min readNov 2, 2023

It began as a means of providing mainstream media entertainment that, as actor and Film Lab President Jennifer Betit Yen put it, “inverted the traditional casting scheme in which storylines tended to focus on white males. We focus on stories by and featuring underrepresented faces and voices, presented in a way that appeals to all audiences.”

“We focus on stories by and featuring underrepresented faces and voices, presented in a way that appeals to all audiences” — Film Lab President Jennifer Betit Yen

The show’s upcoming season will premiere November 26, 2023 in partnership with CrossingsTV. The episodes will air across all markets where Comcast is available (in addition to New York and Los Angeles on Spectrum).

The new season will feature original entertainment narrative addressing anti-AAPI discrimination created by Film Lab’s DiscrimiNATION project and Film Lab’s 72 Hour Shootout. The television series, a medley of innovative and diverse American stories will be hosted by Betit Yen.

“We continue to be impressed with the creativity and passion that we see from the Shootout’s filmmakers each year. We’re honored to be the network premiering their films nationally and hope that our audiences find them as entertaining and inspiring as we have,” commented Daniel Sakaya, President and COO of CrossingsTV.

About CrossingsTV

Founded in 2005, Crossings TV fulfills the entertainment and information needs of Asian American communities. In so doing, Crossings TV’s foremost goal is to provide locally-oriented, produced and marketed programming and content. Working with key, local representatives in each of the markets it serves, Crossings TV is a unique, grassroots intermediary, efficiently linking its targeted audiences and commercial, non-commercial and governmental entities. http://www.crossingstv.com

About the Film Lab, Film Lab Presents and AAFL TV

The Film Lab is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, which began working to promote equlaity in entertainment media since 1998.

The Film Lab’s president, actor Jennifer Betit Yen, founded AAFL TV in August 2013 to address an explosion…



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