Attention Outgoing Hunter College President Being Shown the Door This June — PART I

Greggory W. Morris
3 min readMay 21

I thought you should know just in case you don’t know that Hunter College office, department and administration secrets and confidences are leaking precipitously — no matter how many fingers and thumbs are being smooshed in the dikes to stop the leaks— and maybe it’s just a matter of time before stories start “breaking” and poppin’ in the Times, Post and Daily News as well as Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Education and so on and so forth.

See below. The recent notification to Hunter staff and teachers seemed omninously prescient.

Under a new state law, all New York state employees are now required to receive ethics training. In the past, only Financial Disclosure Filers (FDS Filers are policy makers or employees earning over $108,000) were required to complete an ethics training course.

However, this new law expands the requirement to include all State/CUNY employees. Therefore, all full- time Hunter employees will need to complete this mandatory training by taking an Ethics class.

Colleagues Erstwhile, Deceased and Otherwise celebrating 15 years of Jay Roman being chair. Enrollment significantly down, as a result courses significantly reduced; curriculum poor because of major dumbing down of the majors, especially undergraduate film which was never much anyway; faculty lines reduced by 5 at the time of this fête, admin funds to department significantly reduced; chair forced to take a leave in the wake of controversy caused by his summoning public safety to remove a Black staff member who was about to reveal bad news ; chair exposed making staff feed meters where he parks his are; another major scandal in the works at that time and so on and so forth. At a college-wide ceremony, Hunter President called the Department of Film and Media Studies “schizoprenic.”

This new training is mandatory and must be presented in real time/live. So, all classes will be offered via Zoom or in person. Training will be offered to all full-time employees. Part-time staff (including adjuncts) need not attend at this time.

FDS Filers who already receive FDS-related ethics training will not need to complete this additional ethics training. If, however, you received an exemption from filing a financial disclosure form, you will need to take this new training.

The next training will be held in person, please see details below. We are asking for those who plan to attend to please register using the link provided below.

Wednesday, May 24, 2023, 10:30am — 12:30pm — IN PERSON
(Hosted by Michelle Blackman), The Chanin Screening Room (B126HW)
NOTE: please make sure to clearly print and sign the Sign-In sheet, this will be proof of attendance.

We appreciate your cooperation as we bring Hunter into compliance with this new law. Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.

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