Sree Sreenivasa: Marshall Loeb Visiting Prof of Digital Innovation, Stony Brook • CEO & co-founder, @Digimentors • host of global Covid show • former Chief Digital Officer, NYC, Met Museum, Columbia

The final Trumplican straw

🗞 TUNE IN: Our this week is AP’s national race and ethnicity reporter, Aaron Morrison (@aaronlmorrison). Watch this episode, and our archives, at Readalong is sponsored by Muck Rack. Interested in sponsorship opportunities? Email and

Digimentors is working with companies and nonprofits around the world to create…

One of the most rhapsodic films in recent years: An intimate panoramic portrait of women daring-do-ers skiing to the North Pole.


Internationally known British explorer, author and former climate scientist, Felicity Aston decides to “create” dialogue and alliance and bring about change between women of Western and Arab cultures that are at odds in Britain (if not around the world). Her plan? An international competition for daring-doers, female only, to join…

Memo to My Students, Mostly Seniors Queueing for Their Diplomas, June, 2021; January, 2022

Here’s hoping the weather is not raining on your parades, joys and the works. I posted final grades on CUNYfirst early Thursday so everyone should have their grades by now.

I believe I’ve published all the articles to be published. [Click here to See Articles] There were a few one-drafts-only…

Greggory W. Morris

Award Winning Assistant J-Professor, Hunter College/CUNY. Author, Writer. Blogs at Using to test drive writing projects.

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