Memo to My Students, Mostly Seniors Queueing for Their Diplomas, June, 2021; January, 2022

Regarding the Times’ headline and story, I was trying to wax poetically, succinctly — comments are limited to 1,500 characters — when I should have just hit the nail on the head: American racism, bigotry, xenophobia have always kept the door open for the use of any tool, technique, idea…

“The jury’s decision today (April 23) )to hold a police officer criminally liable for the murder* of George Floyd has brought a collective sigh of relief. The guilty verdict for Police Officer Derek Chauvin is an outcome that has been previously elusive in court proceedings involving the death of a…

Photo by munshots on Unsplash

New York Times: Your Comment on Opinion Columnist Frank Bruno’s ”Listening to Those Who Saw George Floyd Die” Has Been Published

I want to believe that if I stumbled upon the enormity of a Derek Chauvin cop tortuously squeezing the life out of a helpless man, woman or child in broad daylight that I would do the right thing.

I’ve risked intervening at violent moments … I know others who have…

Greggory W. Morris

Award Winning Assistant J-Professor, Hunter College/CUNY. Author, Writer. Blogs at Using to test drive writing projects.

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