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Nikole Hannah-Jones: Well, I’ve decided to decline the offer of tenure. I will not be teaching on the faculty of the University of North Carolina, at Chapel Hill. A very difficult decision, not a decision I wanted to make. And instead, I’m going to be the inaugural Knight Chair in Race and Journalism, at Howard University.

Gayle King, CBS: So many things to unpack there. First, let’s start with you declining the offer. The vote was nine to four, clearly in your favor. There were some people that could say, you said you wouldn’t take the job without being offered…

[This article was inspired by an Ethnic Media Services ZOOM for ethnic journalists who want to provide information for their communities pretty much ignored by mainstream corporate news operations.]

Got this call on my cell from (949) 669–1588 from a guy purporting to be an agent of the Social Security Administration. ‘United States’ was under the phone number on my cell. [I should have done a screenshot.]

My Social Security account was supposedly hacked, he said as he rattled off his name and what he called his agent ID number and then asking for the last 4 digits of my…

PATH Trains running between Newark and World Trade Center are really cattle cars. Picture by G Morris

Memo to My Students, Mostly Seniors Queueing for Their Diplomas, June, 2021; January, 2022

Here’s hoping the weather is not raining on your parades, joys and the works. I posted final grades on CUNYfirst early Thursday so everyone should have their grades by now.

I believe I’ve published all the articles to be published. [Click here to See Articles] There were a few one-drafts-only that weren’t publishable for a variety of reasons but students got submission credit for the articles. I will revisit those sometime in the next few weeks to see if any can be edited for publishing. Students will receive a notice if that happens.

If grade adjustments are necessary, I will…

Regarding the Times’ headline and story, I was trying to wax poetically, succinctly — comments are limited to 1,500 characters — when I should have just hit the nail on the head: American racism, bigotry, xenophobia have always kept the door open for the use of any tool, technique, idea, policy, nor matter how preposterous, to cover up realities of race and ethnicity in America.

Check out this reading. There are lots more like it — like Drapetomania!!!

Can you believe it: The lawyers for Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis police officer convicted last month of the torture murder of George…

I want to know what you think of the allegations that a Colleague teaching in the Department of Film and Media Studies graduate program, Integrated Media Arts MFA, sexually harassed five female students. I also want to know your opinion about the scuttlebutt that the department and the administration are involved in a committed coverup.

The department has a PR-type-person on retainer just in case. Your thoughts?

Your rep as a guru of public relations is one of the reasons I’m querying you. And the other is that you came up with the game plan for Integrated Media Arts MFA…

“The jury’s decision today (April 23) )to hold a police officer criminally liable for the murder* of George Floyd has brought a collective sigh of relief. The guilty verdict for Police Officer Derek Chauvin is an outcome that has been previously elusive in court proceedings involving the death of a Black man at the hands of police. It affirms the integrity of our nation’s judicial system and the importance of our rule of law.

“That said, today’s conviction does not of itself spell an outcome that is fully remedial or just. The officer’s conviction on felony charges of murder and…

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New York Times: Your Comment on Opinion Columnist Frank Bruno’s ”Listening to Those Who Saw George Floyd Die” Has Been Published

I want to believe that if I stumbled upon the enormity of a Derek Chauvin cop tortuously squeezing the life out of a helpless man, woman or child in broad daylight that I would do the right thing.

I’ve risked intervening at violent moments … I know others who have too … saw them do it, saw it done … but I just don’t know … never been a witness to that kind of depravity in my life … can empathize with the fear of those cruelly fated being there: There But For the Grace of God #Me-Too

Yet …

Way to go Anuradha Bhafwati: Check out this latest: "The demands for more faculty diversity became topical on the Hunter College Department of Film and Media graduate listserv and, in the course of discussions, sexual harassment allegations emerged. A professor, White, was sexually harassing five grad students." Guess what happened? You betcha:

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