I want to know what you think of the allegations that a Colleague teaching in the Department of Film and Media Studies graduate program, Integrated Media Arts MFA, sexually harassed five female students. I also want to know your opinion about the scuttlebutt that the department and the administration are involved in a committed coverup.

The department has a PR-type-person on retainer just in case. Your thoughts?

Your rep as a guru of public relations is one of the reasons I’m querying you. And the other is that you came up with the game plan for Integrated Media Arts MFA…

“The jury’s decision today (April 23) )to hold a police officer criminally liable for the murder* of George Floyd has brought a collective sigh of relief. The guilty verdict for Police Officer Derek Chauvin is an outcome that has been previously elusive in court proceedings involving the death of a Black man at the hands of police. It affirms the integrity of our nation’s judicial system and the importance of our rule of law.

“That said, today’s conviction does not of itself spell an outcome that is fully remedial or just. The officer’s conviction on felony charges of murder and…

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New York Times: Your Comment on Opinion Columnist Frank Bruno’s ”Listening to Those Who Saw George Floyd Die” Has Been Published

I want to believe that if I stumbled upon the enormity of a Derek Chauvin cop tortuously squeezing the life out of a helpless man, woman or child in broad daylight that I would do the right thing.

I’ve risked intervening at violent moments … I know others who have too … saw them do it, saw it done … but I just don’t know … never been a witness to that kind of depravity in my life … can empathize with the fear of those cruelly fated being there: There But For the Grace of God #Me-Too

Yet …

Way to go Anuradha Bhafwati: Check out this latest: "The demands for more faculty diversity became topical on the Hunter College Department of Film and Media graduate listserv and, in the course of discussions, sexual harassment allegations emerged. A professor, White, was sexually harassing five grad students." Guess what happened? You betcha: https://theword-hc.medium.com/hunter-college-believe-it-or-not-a-rough-draft-of-a-work-in-progress-d193555299f

Sometime around the Black Lives Matter – George Floyd Murder Protests in New York City – Floyd’s murder catalyzing “The National Reckoning With Racism” — several grad students in the IMA-MFA graduate program of Hunter’s Department of Film and Media Studies demanded that the grad program hire full-time Black and other ethnic minorities to improve the diversity of the program.

“A senseless massacre can be painfully clarifying about the state of a country. As the killing of George Floyd and countless other African-Americans have made clear, structural racism has become simultaneously mundane and pathological” — By Jiayang Fan, The New Yorker

IMA-MFA faculty are made up of full-time faculty who teach in the undergraduate program of the department. There is one Black tenured assistant journalism professor in the department, me, who lost interest in teaching in the grad program years ago when it was being configured because of — primarily but not exclusively — the race politics of the department. There also is one full-time nontenured Distinguish Lecturer, Black, who also teaches journalism in the undergraduate program but not in the graduate program.

The demands for more IMA-MFA faculty diversity became topical on the department’s graduate listserv and, in the course…

Yeah, yeah, yeah - yada, yada, yada. They were no where near this so-called "beloved historical figures" for me. Hell no. I knew what they were and what they repreasented and so did my acquaintnces, friends, relatives, nieghbors (the smart ones) and allies - and we resisted the corporate-manipulated-campaign-propaganda to convince us otherwise.

" .... we should create a system where the law is enforced equally." No argument there. But if "we" really want to bring about change, we should focus on the criminal justice systems in our communities where 'we" actually have a voice and can do things, like don't support nor vote for racist, sexist District Attorneys. And pressure "our" legislators to pass laws that address the unfairness and inequities and, yeah, evils of the criminal justice system.

And we can also bring about change with city, county and state police departments and agencies.

And that goes for the civil court system.

Yeah, celebrities who are rich "have all the fun" so to speak but if we want real change, we should focuse on where we live. [And I would like to add this anonmally: Freakin' frackin' rich Harvey Weinstein may very likely die in jail.]

The news was horrific. A 21-year-old white man went on a rampage Tuesday in and around Atlanta, shooting and killing eight people, many of them women of Asian descent.

Most news organizations tried to walk a fine line in their reporting even though details were still cloudy more than 24 hours after the shootings. The most complicated part of this story was the shooter’s motivation.

The New York Times responsibly covered this topic by writing, “The brazen shootings, which took the lives of six women of Asian descent, stirred considerable outrage and fear in the Asian-American community. …

AAJA Guidance on Atlanta Shootings

Contact: Naomi Tacuyan Underwood, Executive Director / naomitu@aaja.org

The shootings in Atlanta on March 16 killed eight people. Six of the victims were identified as Asian and seven were women. At least four of those killed were of Korean descent.

The Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) urges newsrooms to:

  • Take caution with language in news coverage that could fuel the hypersexualization of Asian women, which has been linked to violence and discrimination. In describing the businesses affected by the shootings, newsrooms should avoid terminology and connotations of prostitution or sexualization. …


Originally published in 2018 in The WORD blog.

Several years ago, Hunter use to rank one, two or three among about 60 colleges (Big 10, Big 8, NYU, Fordham, Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, others) whose students were awarded paying internships arranged through the Business Press Education Foundation.

There was one year the Big H slipped to fourth (sniff). And there was that one moment at a fête at Baruch College (the so-called business college) to celebrate the awardees, and five from the Big H stood up — Uno Numero. I remember the ooh’s and ah’s, and someone saying aloud, a paraphrase: “What’s going on at Hunter?” The…

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